Date: 5th  November 2018

Venue :  Park Room in the Royal Library of Belgium,
Boulevard de l’Empereur 4, 1000 Brussels

Fee: 20 €

9:00 Registration    
9:30 Session 1 Chairperson: Christina Ceulemans  
    Friedrich Schipper (AUS) Setting the Agenda: Developing the Blue Shield network in Europe and working for the integration of cultural property protection in EU policies on cultural heritage
    Gustaaf Janssens (BE) Main challenges for Blue Shield in Belgium
    Peter Stone (UK) Report from the International Board of Blue Shield
    Short reports by the European national committees
    Friedrich Schipper Austria
    Gustaaf Janssens Belgium
    Jana Souckova Czech Republic
    Ulla Bøgvad Kejser Denmark
    Claude-Marie Monneron-Craste France
    Manana Tevzadze Georgia
    Rudolff Germany
    Patricia la Piskopia Ireland
    Davorin Trpeski Macedonia
    Angela Delbeke (paper) the Netherlands
    Kjetil Landrog Norway
    Lidia Klupsz Poland
    Fionnuala Rogers United Kingdom
10:30 Coffee Break    
11:00   Françoise Collanges (FR) First aid for cultural heritage and Blue Shield
    Johannes Göllner and Friedrich Schipper (AUS) Cultural Property Protection and UN Peacekeeping: the upcoming UNIFIL seminar and field exercise
    Claudio Cimino (WATCH): Current trend on the implementation of the Hague Convention and IHL
    Claudio Cimino (IT) Current trends on the implementation of the Hague Convention and International Humanitarian Law
12:30 Lunch break    
1:30 Session 2 Chairperson: Friedrich Schipper  
    Silke Vollenhofer-Zimmel (AUS) Cultural property protection and education: towards a Blue Shield youth program
    Johannes Göllner and Viliam Záthurecký (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic): Cultural property as strategic infrastructure: a socio-economic field of research
    Leylya Strobl (Russian Federation) The work of the National Roerich Pact Committees in Europe
    Peter Stone The Blue Shield Approach

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